Alternative Pony



Welcome to Alternative Pony!  I created this site with three goals in mind.  First of all, I wanted to create a free and readily accessible place where information would be made available in an easy to navigate format for pony play enthusiasts.  Secondly, it should be known that while a preference for the English discipline may dominate the pony play scene, it is by no means the only music to which a pony can dance!  The English discipline seems to be the status quo, and the point of this site is to focus on everything else out there and to give alternative ponies a proud and joyous voice.  As such, I may address the English style here and there, but will not be going into detail at length about it.  There are plenty of enthusiasts out there that can and will happily do so, among them the esteemed Rebecca Wilcox, author of “The Human Pony”.  The best pony players out there-in the opinion of the author-are those that base their play upon biological equine activity.

While the more erotically inspired ponies have their beauty and flash, one has to wonder what the goal is.  If one is a lifestyle submissive, playing at parading about in costume lacking passion save the desire to please their “owner”, than it doesn’t seem that pony play is the desire, as much as the desire is to be debased, like an animal, or a life form of demeaned value when compared to human life in the eyes of certain individuals (mainly, Doms and Dommes with an authoritarian and almost militant outlook in regard to their “property”).  This then is only a temporary whim of the submissive’s “owner”.  That however is a topic upon which many books have been written, and won’t be discussed here beyond relevant brief mention.

In any case, pony play, while it may not necessarily be physically erotic for all, does involve submission if the pony is modeled after the domesticated sort, and that in and of itself may well be what makes it akin to a fetish for purposes of the lifestyle and community.  Some-not all-pony players are also furries, which is a seperate interest and following in and of itself.  You can learn about the furry fandom by doing a simple online search with your browser of choice.

It is important to note that pony play is not the same as bestiality!  There are exceptions to every rule of course, and like every hobby, we too have our embarrassments that we’d like to sweep under the rug, but unfortunately it’s just not possible to live in a perfect world.  I am sure each of you has something, somewhere in your “closet” that might be less-than-socially-acceptable, and so it is perceived with pony play.  The purpose of this site is also is to enlighten and educate the public at large about a harmless form of entertainment for those seeking an escape from the confines of their normal lives for a time.  Welcome to our world, and enjoy the ride!


I love pony play; it is among the most desirable means of spending both my free time and a fair amount of my disposable income.  It is an art form to me, which need not be in any way erotic, although it certainly can be.  It is another form of live action role play, it's just a very specialized form, with some human ponies seating so deeply into their personas, that they express entering into what is known as "pony head space".  From this passion stemmed a strong interest in the community and the resources available to it, but it occurred to me that something was lacking.  I felt that a certain well known book in the pony community-that is often suggested to those wishing to learn more about our "fetish"-needed a companion guide and some elaboration on both the more bio-based basics, and the activities we can and do engage in in the non-English sect, but that the needed additional information should be available free of charge.  Thus, "Alternative Pony" was born.  So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth! 



It is my very good pleasure to make your acquaintance, and I appreciate you having had enough of an open mind to have ventured here to learn and perhaps expand your knowledge of what is, and what may be.  To the aspiring pony, I say take heart.  Though by comparison, we are a small specialist group in the grand scheme of things, we are carving our niche and becoming more well known.  Slowly we trudge through the vanilla's fear of the unknown, and I would ask each of you to take it upon yourselves to represent our interests to the public in a positive light.  Through education we will help people to understand, and appreciate the erotic beauty of who and what we are.  When public eyes are upon you, you alone unwittingly become the spokesperson for the rest of us.  Please make the impression a good one so that we may all continue to engage in the pleasures which we so love, without undue bias from those that have the ability to hinder or all-together cease our celebration of life through a horse's eyes.


This site is dedicated to those that have inspired me, to those that have guided and helped in shaping and supporting my beliefs.  Without your investment of time, patience, training and education, I would not be what and who I am today, and I thank you for it.  To the ones who couldn’t take the time to understand, the prudes and the nay-sayers, I thank you too.  It was your doubt and closed-minded fear of what might not be socially acceptable that gave me the courage and the drive to get out there and educate the public.  Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the online community whose active pony play groups I take part in.  It is you who gave me access to friends around the country and the world.  Without you, I wouldn’t have grown from the ungainly proverbial foal, into the mare that I have become that enjoys growing and teaching our community.  My gratitude to you all.